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Sat 29th April 8pm

 online tickets available HERE


2017 WINNER “ Best in Fringe”-“Best Cabaret”-“Outstanding Performer”

Cult Pioneer of sexual performance art, Glitta Supernova returns with a new show after an acclaimed multi nominated 2015/2016 “Let’s get METAphysical” tour of Australia & New Zealand, racking up 6 nominations including “Best Cabaret”.

“Original, Outlandish, provocative & not to be missed” Macandmae.com

Body Map is an internal navigation, a challenge to the 1st world external life that directs us and the internal life we are silencing.

 “Ridiculous in all the best ways” Gay News Network

Theatrical storytelling sprinkled with comedy & soul food, BODY MAP is a deep dive across the consumer bordered planet and into your inner being and of course mine.  An overview into an authentic human experience. A nudie run through a different lens. Tales of the 80s and 90s, Sydney subculture & beyond.  Our capacity to transform despite the odds. 

A biographic warts & all journey stitching up a hybrid mash of performance art & experimental theatre. Absurdist skits, social commentary & physical comedy. Red light surrealism bridging the gap between single lane objectification & the 2-lane intimacy highway “Let everything private be made public”

As I have not yet been appropriated, normalized or groomed into shame you’ll be accepting some risk of objectionable, offensive, unlawful, deceptive or harmful content to be known hereon as an authentic human experience that’s not been sanitized & curated for likes.  

“Glitta Supernova is a crucial part of the female struggle for sexual liberation” Regional News Wellington

Take a trip down the Body Map strip in this intimate fleshy foray as Australia’s most celebrated alternative performance artist Glitta Supernova brings her brand-new show, “Body Map” to town with more anarchy, bingles and chaos than you can poke a selfie stick at.


Glitta Supernova masters the slippage of 90s club culture into theatre, packed to the rafters with puns, punches, pussy & possibilities.  The Original Sex Clown wants you on the bordello body bus before it’s too late. A 60minute physical freeway that won’t be tarred for convenience.

I have seen a lot. This show bust through even my unconscious parameters & I embrace itTheatre Review Wellington 


2nd May 6.30pm $20

A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials

No booking necessary

Wed 3rd May 8pm $20

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Singer-songwriter Katey Brooksʼ unique sound epitomizes the culturally diverse environment in which she grew up. Born and raised between Bristol, London and Arizona to musical parents, the Indie Award nominee is best described as a female Hozier, with all the haunting intensity and every bit of the soul. Almost always on the road, Brooks is at home anywhere she can take her guitar. From the London 2012 Olympics to Glastonbury Festival, from WOMAD to recording at Abbey Road, Brooksʼ “devastating vocal talent” (Just Music That I Like) has garnered her admirers from across the spectrum of the industry. Sharing the bill with acts like Newton Faulkner, Ghostpoet, Deaf Havana and Mystery Jets, KB has also leant her vocals to records which have included the likes of Paloma Faith, Imelda May, The Rolling Stonesʼ Bill Wyman, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd and Brian May. Fast becoming a radio favourite, “not to be missed” (Time Out) Brooksʼ music has been hailed on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 6, and sheʼs recently been added to the Starbucks playlist worldwide. The haunting, ethereal sound of her latest I Fought Lovers EP is prelude to the sonic largesse of her upcoming record, as she  finishes her much anticipated album We The People, set for release this year. Having led a fascinating life with a vivid cast of characters, Brooks takes to the road often, to draw inspiration from the people she meets. The writing for We The People began in the chaos of London life, continuing on tour in the dusty expanse of Australia, and finding its completion on the side of a beautiful little mountain in the Welsh wilderness. Now under the wing of Abandon Music Group, Brooks has already packed in solo tours of Europe, Australia and Canada, and is currently rehearsing with her new band, ready to take the record out on the road with them later this year.

9th May 6.30pm $20

A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials

No booking necessary

16th May 6.30pm $20

 Fri 19th May 8pm $10


Due to popular demand, following a successful season at the 2017 Newcastle Fringe Festival, Clark Gormley is putting on another performance of Dial N for Nerder in Newcastle. This is a show about love, death and telecommunications, featuring original songs, a nerdy slide show, and classic film noir high drama. Audiences will be on the edge of their devices.



Mon 22nd May 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group) 

 Coffee in Berlin / Oh Boy

Drama directed by Jan Ole Gerster starring Tom Schilling, Katharina

Schüttler, and Justus von Dohnányi (Germany, 2012, 86 min)

An aimless university dropout attempts to make sense of life as he spends

one fateful day wandering the streets of Berlin… (www.imdb.com).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/e9By3IQrzfM

23rd May 6.30pm $20

A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials


No booking necessary

 Sat 27th May 8pm $25

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The Piano Diaries is a song cycle about the journey of a piano from England to South Africa and subsequently to Australia. The piano belongs to the songwriter Joanna Weinberg, who inherited it from her grandmother and brought the piano with her when she came to Sydney in 1997. Not having had lessons since she was a teenager in South Africa, she took up lessons in Sydney and found herself flooded with memories released by the process . These memories became The Piano Diaries, an intimate musical diary from a childhood which , from the age of nine, played out during the infamous Apartheid regime. The songs range from a terrible incident witnessed during piano practice to the genesis of the instrument itself in the death of the elephant who lost his tusks for the keys . The stories told within the songs move from the singer’s early childhood lived under the piano of two orchestral musicians in London to the songs written in the early days of immigration when the piano was damaged on the journey to Sydney. Intimate, personal , heart wrenching and funny, the Piano Diaries  offers insight into the impact of political damage on the life of a young person and also into the process of leaving that world behind for a better life.

Joanna Weinberg was an actress in South Africa, well known for being the first ‘white’ actress to play opposite the first ‘black Othello’ in a production directed by Janet Suzman which made world headlines as it broke the law with a kiss across the colour bar. She moved to Australia in 1997 where she began writing musicals , creating and performing 13 shows and writing book , lyrics and music for 3 musicals, including Goddess the 2013 musical film directed by Mark Lamprell. Lifeforce, her musical about IVF , directed by Lisa Freshwater, won the Sydney Fringe in 2013. In 2015 she performed the critically acclaimed Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs , a dark one woman show about addiction, at the Hayes Theatre  where she will be appearing again with her newest show , Pandora’s Bag- the bag undressed.  Accompanying Joanna will be Kate Adams on cello.

Critical Praise for ‘The Piano Diaries’ by Joanna Weinberg.

The Piano Diaries is an incredibly engaging work and part of Weinberg’s nine one woman shows. A artistic mosaic of a lifetime of experience set to music. The true measure of a singer is the ability to morph into that of story teller. The true measure of an artist is to take the listener to a place they have never been but with a story they are somehow familiar with. Weinberg is an artist. Having reviewed stellar talent from Australia the previous year, Weinberg easily takes her place as one of the finest talents in Australia and should gain an even wider audience here in the United States…5 stars. As fresh and innovative as they come, highly entertaining.

-           Brent Black Critical Jazz

Joanna Weinberg “ The Piano Diaries” glows with the emotional character of a bright smile. This songwriter/vocalist/actress paints a kaleidoscope of rich imagery in her songs that transcends genres with perfect pitch and flawless intonation. She possesses the rare ability to interpret and personalize her own lyrics through a full range of emotions, imbuing her songs with the experiential conviction of a Joni Mitchell: effortlessly cohering Maria Muldaur’s whimsical innocence and the limpid vocal clarity of Judy Collins with an averment that attaches convincing, memorable familiarity to the lyric.

         -Jazz Muzic, CJ Bond

Weinberg tells a story in song without it being stagy or cabaret, crafting something else entirely. A set that grabs you by the ear right out of the box. Weinberg is quite a find and is must hearing for anyone looking for something meaty and different without being arty for the sake of being arty. Firmly in that sweet spot that bubbles right under blatantly commercial, the blood s flowing and the performance is certainly winning. Hot stuff well worth checking out.

-           Chris Spector, Midwest Record Volume 35/Number 81

… the originality of her songwriting is so distinctive, compelling and surpassing, much of it imbued with and informed by South African roots, that it puts her other talents in the shade. She's an arresting raconteur as well. But one has the sense that, unlike much that passes for cabaret, in which stories are embellished or even outright lies, her stories are authentic and, if not, who cares(?), since she passes them off with such apparent sincerity. I'm sure they're ridgy-didge, but if it's a con, it's so well-wrought it fazes me not. It's the actor in her. … Joanna Weinberg and The Piano Diaries will only take about an hour of  your time. But it'll give pleasure and meaning that'll last for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years, after

-           Brad Sykes, Australian Theatre Review , March 2011

“A consummate cabaret performer and a fascinating songwriter.” –Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics’ Circle


30th May 6.30pm $20


A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials

No booking necessary

Thursday 6th July 8pm $15

 Mon 26th June 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group) 

 Bornholmer Strasse

Comedy/drama directed by Christian Schwochow with Charly Hübner, Milan

Peschel, and Ulrich Matthes (Germany 2014, 88 min)

A comic look at the fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989, told from the

point of view of the German border guards at the checkpoint where it all

started… (www.imdb.com).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/4HZRneBeoT4

Mon 24th July 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

 Head full of honey / Honig im Kopf

Drama/comedy directed by Til Schweiger starring Pasquale Aleardi,
Marco Boriero, and Alexa Brunner (Germany 2014, 139 min)
Tilda takes her beloved grandfather on one last adventure before he
is put in an old people's home due to Alzheimer's disease
Trailer: https://youtu.be/epqyV8uPato

Mon 28th August 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

Beloved Sisters / Die geliebten Schwestern

Romantic Drama directed by Dominik Graf starring Hannah Herzsprung,
Florian Stetter, Henriette Confurius (Germany 2014, 138 min)
Aristocratic sisters Charlotte and Caroline both fall in love with the
controversial young writer and hothead Friedrich Schiller. Defying the
conventions of their time, the sisters decide to share their love with
Schiller. What begins playfully, almost as a game among the three of
them, soon turns serious as it leads to the end of a pact
Trailer: https://youtu.be/ak3bE4-sxMY

Mon 25th September 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

If not us, who? / Wer wenn nicht wir

Biographical drama directed by Andres Veiel, starring Augusts Diehl,
Lena Lauzemis, Alexander Fehling (Germany, 2011, 124 mins)
Bernward Vesper and fellow university student Gudrun Ensslin begin
a passionate love in provincial West Germany. By the late 60s,
Gudrun joins rebellious Andreas Baader's pro-violence cause and
Bernward risks his sanity by using psychedelic drugs in his struggles
to finally write the novel committed to changing the world... Based on
the emotional true story of an explosive era (www.imdb.com).
Trailer: https://youtu.be/Vq7OF26HPCU

Thurs 28th Sept to Sun 1st Oct


Mon 23rd October 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

 About a girl

Comedy/drama directed by Mark Mohnheim starring Jasna Fritzi
Bauer, Heike Makatsch, Aurel Manhthei (Germany, 2014, 104 mins)
Charleen, 15, quick-witted and sassy, is Kurt Cobain's biggest fan and
wonders why 'growing up' has to be so complicated. One day, feeling
especially melodramatic and rebellious, she decides to pull the plug
on her life. Luckily, she fails - and discovers what fun life and love can
really be! (www.imdb.com).
Trailer: https://youtu.be/GeyY5JWlupY

Thurs 26th to Sun 29th Oct
Knock & Run Theatre



Sat 4th Nov
Peter Paul & Andrew 


Thurs 9th to Sun 12th & Wed 15th to Sat 18th Nov

Stooged Theatre

Mon 27th November 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

Hanussen: Hitler’s Astrologer

Historical drama directed by István Szabó starring Klaus Maria
Brandauer, and Erland Josephson (Germany 1988, 140 min)
After the World War I, Schneider, a man with strong powers of
empathy and of clairvoyance, changes his name to Eric Jan
Hanussen and goes to Berlin, as a hypnotist and clairvoyant
performing in halls and theatres. He always speaks the truth, which
brings him to the attention of powerful Nazis. He predicts their rise
(good propaganda for them) and their violence (not so good). He's in
pain and at risk. What is Hanussen's future? (www.imdb.com).