T: (02) 4929 4969 Dean Winter

  one come all lovers!!

Wed 16th Oct 8pm


Monique Clare (The Maes) is joined by American fiddler Joe D’Esposito (The Railsplitters) in a mesmerising collaboration that draws on their diverse influences. Dancing between rhythmic cello lines, powerfully vulnerable vocals and heart-tugging harmonies, Monique Clare is an award-winning cellist and singer-songwriter. Since breaking out as a solo artist in 2017, her songwriting has become increasingly daring and potent, with hard-hitting lyrics and an unconventional brand of classical-folk-pop cello. Joe D’Esposito is a multi-genre fiddle player and improviser with infectious charisma. His work with The Railsplitters has seen him play Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Celtic Connections. This duo brings together a shared classical training, obsession with fiddling traditions and a mutual love of Björk to deliver intricate arrangements of original songs and tunes


Friday 18th October 7pm

 Online tickets available HERE

Winner Cabaret Weekly Award 2018 Adelaide Fringe

Nominee Best Cabaret 2016 FRINGE WORLD

If you've ever been engaged at 19 or racked up parking fines worth a house deposit, then like Tash York you've probably not mastered Adulting.

Known for her ballsy voice, witty repartee and wine-loving antics, award-winning cabaret artist Tash York (The Desperettes, The After Hours Cabaret Club) explores why growing up is so hard!

Sold out 2018 Edinburgh Fringe

'★★★★★' Voice Mag (UK)

'★★★★★' The Upside News

'★★★★★' All Over Adelaide

'★★★★★' Whats on in Adelaide

'★★★★★' Sam About Town

'★★★★½ ' OUTInPerth

'★★★★' Adelaide Advertiser

'★★★★' Have a Go News

Sunday 20th Oct 7pm $20

AMY VEE  CD launch

Online tickets available HERE

“The name of Amy Vee’s beguiling new album might suggest music concerned with the surface of things, but Same Skin cuts far deeper. It’s a seductive and sumptuous exploration of both the ever-changing and constant elements of the soul.” – Nick Milligan, Entertainment Journalist


Celebrating the release of her sophomore album, award-winning singer songwriter Amy Vee is heading out on a bespoke East Coast tour, playing with new sounds and stories in intimate settings. Whether with accomplished multi-instrumentalists Gareth Hudson and Andrew Sampford, or in stunning solo mode, Amy Vee always captivates.


Monday 21 OCTOBER  7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

Herbert (2015)

A former East German boxing champion working as a bouncer and debt collector reflects on life when he is diagnosed with a fatal disease. Director: Thomas Stuber. 109 min; Drama.


Sat 2nd November

Loren Kate



Sharing songs from her upcoming release, Loren Kate is touring the East Coast this Oct/Nov, on her way to perform at the Mullum Music Fest.

An utterly captivating performer. Loren Kate’s angelic voice, evocative guitar playing and delicate storytelling are delivered with rare humour and grace that is both humbling and inspiring.
While a far cry from gospel music, Loren’s music shares that same uplifting spiritualism. It ain't preachy. More so, 'stubbornly positive' - putting one foot in front of the other, keeping her head above water. Loren’s stories organically stem from this place - of endurance; perseverance. But it's not in any way pretentious. In a world where superficial reigns supreme, Loren prescribes returning to our true self. It's simply Loren on a plate.

Sharing songs from her upcoming release, Loren Kate is touring the East Coast this Oct/Nov, on her way to perform at the Mullum Music Festival.

'One of the most emotionally divine singer/songwriters in the universe, she can crack you open and expose your rawness then wrap you back up so you can leave safe and warm. She, Loren Kate, is a special one.'
-Phaedra Watts, Nannup Music Festival Director

Sat 9th Nov



Fri 15th & Sat 16th Nov



Monday 25 NOVEMBER 7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

4 Könige/ 4 Kings (2015)

Four troubled youths spend the Christmas holidays in an adolescent psychiatric unit under the care of a young psychiatrist. Director: Theresa von Eltz. 98 min; Drama.


 Fri 29th November 8pm $25


Online tickets available HERE

“Mic Conway with Robbie Long"
In a circus of comedy, music and magic, Mic Conway presents an hilarious array of idiosyncratic songs that will make your jaw drop, toes tap and sides split. Audiences who know this ARIA-award winning entertainer from "Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band" and Circus Oz will be delighted by this incarnation: Mic as storyteller of tall tales and true. He takes the stage with Robbie Long (multi-instrumentalist and Australian Flat Pick Guitar Champion). There's magic, juggling, cavorting and that trademark tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Stripped back, irreverent, and shameless... it's surreal vaudeville for crooning and swooning.

WEBSITES : http://www.micconway.com
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/micconwaymusic

Live in Wismar, Germany : https://youtu.be/ABAaQMa303Q
"Masochism Tango" : https://youtu.be/Ma-pudJ3BYU
"Street of Dreams" medley : https://youtu.be/xtLJuI-qzII
Huon Valley Mid-Winter Fest 2015 : https://youtu.be/RlLQdYwFcyE


 Friday 6th & Saturday 7th December 8pm $25

 THE SANDMAN and FLACCO TRIBUTE SHOW (All original cast)

Online tickets available HERE

Steve and Paul pay tribute to the fictional characters - Sandman and Flacco both of whom left the scene without a fuss some years ago due to irrelevance. Over an hour of spoken word, song, noises and stories for $25.


THE BARLEYSHAKES, with special guests The Kelly Family


Brewed in Ireland and distilled in Australia, the Barleyshakes are a Celtic band with world music influences who combine intense energy, beautiful harmony and driving dance rhythms in their live performances. Adored throughout Australia and beyond for their “bent” Irish sound, they are winners of the Queensland Music Award for World Music. Ever since their inception in the 90’s in Dublin, the Barleyshakes have been turning heads. Their mission, to inject new life into Irish music while honouring the tradition past, was to become a life-long adventure for each member. Their live shows have taken them around the globe and they continue to take audiences on a joy filled ride wherever they perform. The band use fiddles, flutes, tine whistle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals, bass, bodhran, and drums to create their truly wonderful Celtic sound. They have shared the stage with Lunasa, Metallica, Kila, Joe Cocker, Sharon Shannon, Altan, and Grada, to name a few. After well over a decade together this ensemble know each other intensely and they communicate freely to create something fresh every time they perform. They release their 8th album entitled “Irishtown” at this year’s festival.

That the Barleyshakes manage to be at the forefront of traditional Irish music in Australia while breathing it new life is remarkable. Intense energy, beautiful harmony, and irresistible dance rhythms are what make them tick. Members contributed to the Lord of the Rings award winning soundtrack, they also won the Queensland Music Award for world music.

This year they release their 8th album “Irishtown”


Saturday 1st Feb


After “A Mandolin Journey”, musical tour through the continents, the Carlo Aonzo Trio (Carlo Aonzo on the Italian mandolin, Lorenzo Piccone on the acoustic guitar and Luciano Puppo on the double bass) is back, this time travelling along the Italian tradition to rediscover its peculiar soundtrack. Once again the main character is the mandolin which, in the personal unique modern and eclectic style of Aonzo, makes such repertoire surprisingly catchy and contemporary. From Raffaele Calace to Domenico Modugno, passing through the Italian regions and the best Bel Paese song tradition, "Mandolitaly" breaks apart and casts a new light on the Italian music heritage: from the internationally known "Arrivederci Roma" and "Roma nun fa la stupida stasera" to the great historical fathers of mandolin as Carlo Munier for a taste of classical repertoire. All revisited and rearranged by the charming Trio style in a melting pot of musical genres. And so "Volare" (Nel blu dipinto di blu) is mixed together with Jamaican reggae music, South American rhythms up to an intimate romantic atmosphere, while John Coltrane is imagined "tarantelling" in the streets of Naples...


 Fri 13th & Sat 14th March


21 CHUMP STREET by Lin-Manuel Miranda (IN THE HEIGHTS, HAMILTON) is a new 18-minute musical based on a true story as reported in the series 'This American Life'.

21 CHUMP STREET is a cautionary tale of a high school honours student who falls for a cute transfer girl. He goes to great lengths to oblige her request for marijuana in the hopes of winning her affection -- only to find out his crush is actually an undercover cop planted in the school to find drug dealers.

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