T: (02) 4929 4969 Dean Winter


Wed 20th Thurs 21st Fri 22nd Sat 23rd Sun 24th March


for more information on each show and their prices please go to the website www.newcastlefringe.com.au
Wed 20th
18.00 Nerds & Music
19.30 Love / Hate Actually
Thurs 21st
18.00 Further Up The Nerdsville Track
19.30 Love / Hate Actually
21.00 If You Cant Train It Eat It
Fri 22nd
18.00 Further Up The Nerdsville Track
19.30 Love / Hate Actually
21.00 In His Image
Sat 23rd
16.30 Raduga Trio
18.00 Evensong
19.30 Love / Hate Actually
21.00 In His Image
22.30 Laurie Black – Space Cadet
Sun 24th
15.00 Girls To The Front
16.30 Raduga Trio
18.00 Evensong
19.30 Love / Hate Actually
21.00 In His Image


Monday 25 MARCH 7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Grüße aus Fukushima/ Greetings from Fukushima (2016)

A German drama film directed by Doris Dörrie. It has been selected to be shown in the Panorama section at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival. 108 min

Thurs 28th March


You can check out the band at www.frankburkitt.co.nz/videos

“The sincerity and heart that emanates from his song-writing is endearing, to say the least. I believe people who are truly great at their craft make what they do seem easy”

Janise Kumar - muzic.net.nz


The Frank Burkitt Band are delighted to be performing for the first time in Newcastle as part of their 17 date ‘Lost But Alive’ Australian Tour.

Frank is a story teller, songwriter, singer and guitarist. In that order. His rambling anecdotes aim to give the audience more of a connection with his songs. A folk songwriter at his core, American roots music with hints of jazz, blues and swing very much shape his music.

When he relocated to Wellington from Edinburgh he formed The Frank Burkitt Band, with blues and country mandolin player Cameron Burnell and jazz double bassist James Geluk. Touring Australia as a trio with vocals, guitar, mandolin and double bass, they will perform original songs spanning a wide range of genres such as Americana, swing, blues and folk.

Frank’s songs often come with anecdotes and his rambling but entertaining introductions give audiences a back story to each song. Subject matters such as philosophy, space travel, nature, relationships, haircuts and colourful characters from Frank’s past are all delivered within expertly crafted arrangements, performed by fantastic musicians.

“Exceptional”  Graham Reid – elsewhere.co.nz


Wed 3rd April 8pm $20


online tickets available HERE


A one man soul-band, poet and storyteller. A modern travelling troubadour wielding guitars, harmonica, trombone, spoons, stomp box, tap shoes, a big heart and a cheeky wit. "I've travelled to look for work, to mend a broken heart, to be with someone I longed for. I'd travel to visit friends and on the way I'd make new ones; I'd roam because I was curious to see what was around the next corner..."

He returns to Australia in March/April 2019, toting a swag of new songs, performing at Blue Mountains Music Festival (NSW), The National Folk Festival (ACT), Fairbridge Folk Festival (WA) plus shows in TAS, VIC, NSW, WA and NT. Launching his very new album "GUSTO!".

"McLeod is one of the most energetic, most generous performers I've seen." : Doug Spencer, ABC Radio.

"The charismatic British storytelling troubadour... tripped passionately through highly original and distinctive self-penned material." : Beat Magazine.

"...eloquently expressed ideas are set to vibrant, dynamic music with bouncy rhythms, infectious riffs and nifty tunes. McLeod transmitted a pure joy of music making ..." : St Louis Post-Despatch (USA)

"A dynamic live performer - never still or silent, his shows radiate energy." : Venue magazine (UK)

The Quickest Way To Feel Rich : https://vimeo.com/312368339
I've Got No Use For A Gun : https://vimeo.com/312362447
"The Wind is Getting Stronger" : https://youtu.be/8MzL4jmKIpA
I Just Want to be Loved" : https://youtu.be/8RglAzf83A4
"When Mum and Daddy Made Me" : https://youtu.be/L4XAJQlduiA

Sun 7th April 5pm $15

Newcastle based singer/songwriter, Lili Crane releases her debut single with her band at The Royal Exchange on Sunday 7th April 5-7pm.

The single, ‘Don’t Take My Mask Off’ was recorded at Hazy Cosmic Jive Studio by Gareth Hudson who also produced the track alongside Crane and Grant Walmsley.

“Throughout your life, people will try to change and shape you to fit into their little box. There are also going to be times where you try to change yourself in order to feel like you belong somewhere. ‘Don’t Take My Mask Off’ is a song that highlights the fear of that ‘mask’ coming off and being afraid of showing your true self.” Lili Crane

“I met Lili last year and was immediately blown away by her attitude, ‘I want to play stadiums…’ I was like, ‘Okay. Yeah, I’m in to help.’ Then I heard her sing and play her own songs and was further gobsmacked. She’s the genuine article and is on the path to great things. A very gifted songwriter and musician and only 17 years old!” Grant Walmsley


Monday 22 APRIL 7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Emil und die Dedektive (2001)

A modern new version of the famous novel by Erich Kastner, 111 min. A 12-year-old (Tobias Retzlaff) employs a group of street-wise youngsters to help him track down a thief. Crime/ Adventure


Wednesday 1st May 8pm $30


online tickets available HERE

Sounding like Jeff Beck meets Ravi Shankar on the set of 'Oh! Brother Where Art Thou' while dancing in Rio!,
they feature the sublime voice of Parvyn Bennett (and Percussion, Mandolin & Indian Dance) - STOPPRESS - and sang at the World Cricket in Melbourne for India!! No doubt helped them win!)
Josh Bennett (Adelaide Fringe Award Nominee for Best Music) - Guitars & Mandolin to Sitar & Tabla. Both moonlit with world touring Bombay Royale,
And chameleon Andrew Clermont, who is also a nutso Fiddler, Mandolinist & 3 time Bluegrass Guitar Champ to boot
- 35 years touring - from Tom T Hall, Dya Singh to Totally Gourdgeous & 21 years of The Supper Club!
They are distilled from a vibrant world touring history with a 3 part harmonized twisting tale of gone Bluegrass/Celtic/ Blues/ Swing/ Jazz/ Indian adventure.

Sat 4th May doors open 7.30 The Darkness begins 8pm



"Nevermore" A Burlesk Exploration and Celebration of the Beauty of Death.

"Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it" Haruki Murakimi







DANI (Gothic Theatrical Bellydancer of Umbra Newcastle)

BERLIN VON BLACK (Burlesque Idol Newcastle 2014 Newcastle)

MAYARI (Bellydance Duo Newcastle)

VIVIENNE ROSE (Burlesque temptress Newcastle)

PORCELAIN (Miss Pinup International 2013 Blue Mountains)


This is not the Moulin Rouge. A Dark Alternative Burlesk Cabaret Variety Show featuring local and guest performers.


This show is held at the intimate hybrid theatre venue The Royal Exchange. V.I.P and G.A seating options available.


This show is strictly 18 and over only. There will be some level of nudity. The show is performed within a feminist framework and any inappropriate behaviour towards performers, volunteers, venue staff or other patrons will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the venue. This is a condition of entry.


Please note: Burlesk of The Bizarre does not wish to promote or glamorise self harm in any form. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or ideation please contact lifeline on 13 11 14 or speak to your doctor or emergency medical professionals.


This show has a habit of selling out - don't miss out on tickets to this show!

Fri 3rd Sun 5th May


Those wacky characters are back for a repeat performance of SERIES 2 – “BOTTOMS UP” – in anticipation of the release of the third series [to be revealed in May]. For anyone who missed last year’s season, this is an opportunity to catch it ….or see it again because you loved it so much the first time! “Bottoms UP” is set in the 30s and follows on from Series one in the 20s. It has some cracking songs, titillating tales, and continues another 6 episodes of the FFoF, with Squiffy Naylor and his crackpot gang, Inspector Faulkner and Fifi, Fat Freddy, and introduces Hank the Yank Tank.

The Wireless Chronicles is a series of four live shows set as a live broadcast from a radio station during the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s. Each show comprises: Music and stories of the people and times from each decade; interspersed by 6 consecutive episodes of a Radio Play set in Sydney during the decade – a Crime Farce based around the ongoing escapades of Squiffy Naylor [4th cousin 6 times removed of infamous Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor] and his gang of misfits, local brothel and bar owner Fifi La More, and her paramour Faulkner of the Constabulary, along with various questionable characters.

Written by local Playwright and Author Maureen O’Brien, delivered with a troupe of 6 players and musicians, all sharing the various voices. Audience participation is encouraged.

2 shows only at the Royal Exchange Salon Theatre, Bolton Street, Newcastle. Bookings recommended.


Monday 27 MAY  7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Haus ohne Dach/ House without roof (2016)

Writer and director: Soleem Yusef, 117 min. Three Kurdish siblings who grew up in Germany return to Iraqi Kurdistan to bury their mother.

Monday 24 JUNE  7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Bagdad Café (1987)

German comedy drama directed by Percy Adlon. Loosely based on Carson McCullers' novella The Ballad of the Sad Café (1951), the film centers on two women who have recently separated from their husbands, and the blossoming friendship that ensues. 108 min

Monday 22 JULY  7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

Art girls (2013)

Three women artists from Berlin collaborate on an exhibition sponsored by a biotech firm and end up being the first people to experience the fascinating symptoms of an evolutionary leap. 120 min


Wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Fri 16th, Sat 17th August 7.30pm


A young woman cast aside in a patriarchal society – a foreign national interrogated in a detention camp. Two short one-act plays from ancient Greece and contemporary Australia, linked together by the theme of oppression.



In ancient Greece fickle boys dumped girlfriends after having sex with them, just as they do today. But the girls had one remedy which modern young women don't (unless they have studied at Hogwarts) – magic! Watch Simaitha trying to deal with her loss in this dramatic monologue written around 2,300 years ago, and learn from her impassioned performance how little the human heart has changed.


Theocritus' Love Magic (c. 280-60 BCE) is the finest surviving example of what the Greeks called mime, a short spoken play for one to four actors which was probably performed without props. It is very unusual because its heroine is a young unmarried woman, usually 'invisible' and without a voice in ancient Greek society.


Translated and directed by Michael Ewans.

Starring Siobhan Caulfield as Simaitha.




We’re in a detention camp on an island somewhere - where a man is being questioned about his faith and his allegiances to Australia. As the questions get harder, the tactics suddenly change and the rules of engagement disappear. How far do you go to protect borders? A short sharp shock of a play with a warning from the interrogator…”You have no idea what’s coming, do you?”


Written and directed by Carl Caulfield

Featuring Michael Byrne, Khalil Khay, Ange McKeown, and Dez Robertson



Monday 26 AUGUST  7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Alki Alki (2015)

Tobias and Flasche are childhood friends. However, their alcoholic friendship is doing more harm than good to Tobias, who realizes he should focus on his family and career. Director: Axel Ranisch, Drama/ Comedy

Monday 23 SEPTPEMBER  7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

Zeit der Kannibalen/ Age of cannibals (2014)

German drama film directed by Johannes Naber. It tells the story of two business consultants who travel to impoverished and corrupt countries where they make shady business deals, never having to leave their hotels. 93 mins

Monday 21 OCTOBER  7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

Herbert (2015)

A former East German boxing champion working as a bouncer and debt collector reflects on life when he is diagnosed with a fatal disease. Director: Thomas Stuber. 109 min; Drama.

Sat 26th Oct



Monday 25 NOVEMBER 7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

4 Könige/ 4 Kings (2015)

Four troubled youths spend the Christmas holidays in an adolescent psychiatric unit under the care of a young psychiatrist. Director: Theresa von Eltz. 98 min; Drama.