T: (02) 4929 4969 Dean Winter


Monday 27 MAY  7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Haus ohne Dach/ House without roof (2016)

Writer and director: Soleem Yusef, 117 min. Three Kurdish siblings who grew up in Germany return to Iraqi Kurdistan to bury their mother.


Fri 31st May 8pm & Sun 2nd June 5pm


Online tickets available HERE

ARMED and LANGUOROUS ... set in the 1940s ….the music and stories of the decade along with the ongoing gangster-farce radio serial – “The Devious Digit of Destiny” – delivered as a “live to air” Radio Play and set in Sydney in the second half of the ‘40s. Some fabulous music and outstanding films emerged from this era and in Australia, many colourful characters and stories from that time make for a informative and enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

We return with another 6 episodes of our whacky radio serial – after all, radio was king in this era! – and our familiar gang of misfits; Squiffy, Fat Freddie, Fifi, Faulkner, Hortense. Although WWII accounted for the first half of the 40's, our crooks found plenty of innovative ways to turn an illegal quid and as we move into the post-war era some new characters emerge to play both sides of the fence, including the de-mobbed Home Guard trio – Captain Cardigan, Sergeant Singlet, and Private Jumper. We traverse between parliament house, police headquarters, the Duck for Cover Club [renamed when war broke out, in anticipation of the Hun’s bombing raids] and we flavour the shenanigans with Fat Freddy's famous pie shops.

Featuring Maureen O’Brien, Stevi Canon, Grant Bailey, Amanda Broberg, Marise Wilson, and guitarist/sound effects villain Peter Sesselmann

Don't miss this series where the antics get frantic. MAY 31/8pm + JUNE 2/5pm

Monday 24 JUNE  7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Bagdad Café (1987)

German comedy drama directed by Percy Adlon. Loosely based on Carson McCullers' novella The Ballad of the Sad Café (1951), the film centers on two women who have recently separated from their husbands, and the blossoming friendship that ensues. 108 min

 Fri 5th Sat 6th Fri 12th Sat 13th @ 8pm + Sun 14th @ 2pm July


or Mistletoe Is Just Another Noxious Weed.

online tickets available HERE


Dysfunctional family Christmas reunions can often be appalling examples of human interaction, reflecting minimal Christmas Spirit. So it is with the Pitt Family. An invitation to the Pitt Family Christmas in July Reunion allows you to join in an adult Christmas Pantomime, the hilarious conflict between family members, combined with lively jazz, blues, Latin and Jug Band music.

This year this family of petty criminals' gathering for their compulsory Christmas in July Reunion has been intensified by the reading of the recently departed patriarch's will.

A Very Choppy Christmas (A Radio Play Jazz Cabaret) is produced by the two times CONDA (City of Newcastle Drama Awards) winning Smokin' Chops team of David Baker (guitar, banjo), Chris Gill (saxophone, clarinet, percussion), Manny Serrano (trumpet, flute), and Marcus Holdsworth (double bass, sousaphone, trombone). Their latest production combines exceptional multi-instrumental musical skills with approximately Spike Milliganesque acting, and a plot almost as unfathomable as a Marx Brothers screenplay.

A season of riotous performances will be held at the Royal Exchange, Bolton Street, Newcastle, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th July commencing at 8.00 pm , with a Sunday 14th July matinee commencing at 2.00 pm.

Tickets: $25 Bookings Phone:02 49294969

Thursday 11th July 8pm $30


Online tickets available HERE


 An evening of Elves and Ents, Magic and Music.

Hester Fraser - many times awarded People’s Favourite at festivals plus recent “Best Pop Songwriter Award”!!
Clermont - champion multi- instrumentalist reappears out of new camouflage :-)

Plus link to her videos


 Wednesday 17th July 8pm $10


Compiled and edited by Andrew Leavold, Queensland-based director of the cult documentary The Search For Weng Weng, from his thirty-plus years of excavating film oddities. Here Leavold digs deep into the Trash Video vaults (his legendary Brisbane cult movie store from 1995 to 2010) to create the ultimate two hour party mash-up for cine-generates and severely damaged pulp casualties: clips from Bollywood and Nollywood - that’s Nigerian DIY “cinema” - as well as vintage ads and trailers, brain-numbing Christian shorts, spookshow weirdies, a Filipino midget disco number, Turksploitation (ever seen the Turkish Star Wars?), the North Korean Godzilla, Indonesian flying-heads-with-guts-attached, wrestling Mexican Mummies – a glorious Trash-fried enchilada with heapings of extra cheese!

Andrew Leavold will also be present to introduce the program, and launch the Kickstarter campaign for his latest venture, FILM SAFARI – a guided tour of film locations in exotic locales, starting this October in Spain and Mexico!


Monday 22 JULY  7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

Art girls (2013)

Three women artists from Berlin collaborate on an exhibition sponsored by a biotech firm and end up being the first people to experience the fascinating symptoms of an evolutionary leap. 120 min



Wed 24th - Sun 28th July


From the team that brought you "Year Of The Rooster" and "Suicide, Incorporated" comes a heart warming and darkly funny show.


"An inner-tube, a bagel, a donut, a lifesaver, a holiday wreath, a tire-swing, a cycle of abuse, a halo of hatred: circles, both real and figurative, whirl out of control in this darkly comic one-man show. And at the center of them all sits an enigmatic squirrel. Orbiting that squirrel is Chester, a self-described rodentophobe who spins the outlandish, funny, and bruising tale of growing up with a father who developed a rabid hatred for squirrels -- a hatred that eventually infected every aspect of his and his son's life. Pursued by memories of his intolerant father and the legacy of bigotry, Chester is pulled into the black hole at the center of his own life where he encounters the mistakes, the fears, the guilt, and the humanity that make him whole again"


Written by John Walch
Directed by Allison Van Gaal
Performed by James Chapman


Wed 14th, Thurs 15th, Fri 16th, Sat 17th August 7.30pm


A young woman cast aside in a patriarchal society – a foreign national interrogated in a detention camp. Two short one-act plays from ancient Greece and contemporary Australia, linked together by the theme of oppression.



In ancient Greece fickle boys dumped girlfriends after having sex with them, just as they do today. But the girls had one remedy which modern young women don't (unless they have studied at Hogwarts) – magic! Watch Simaitha trying to deal with her loss in this dramatic monologue written around 2,300 years ago, and learn from her impassioned performance how little the human heart has changed.


Theocritus' Love Magic (c. 280-60 BCE) is the finest surviving example of what the Greeks called mime, a short spoken play for one to four actors which was probably performed without props. It is very unusual because its heroine is a young unmarried woman, usually 'invisible' and without a voice in ancient Greek society.


Translated and directed by Michael Ewans.

Starring Siobhan Caulfield as Simaitha.




We’re in a detention camp on an island somewhere - where a man is being questioned about his faith and his allegiances to Australia. As the questions get harder, the tactics suddenly change and the rules of engagement disappear. How far do you go to protect borders? A short sharp shock of a play with a warning from the interrogator…”You have no idea what’s coming, do you?”


Written and directed by Carl Caulfield

Featuring Michael Byrne, Khalil Khay, Ange McKeown, and Dez Robertson



Monday 26 AUGUST  7.30pm

NGKS (German) Movie Night

Alki Alki (2015)

Tobias and Flasche are childhood friends. However, their alcoholic friendship is doing more harm than good to Tobias, who realizes he should focus on his family and career. Director: Axel Ranisch, Drama/ Comedy

Monday 23 SEPTPEMBER  7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

Zeit der Kannibalen/ Age of cannibals (2014)

German drama film directed by Johannes Naber. It tells the story of two business consultants who travel to impoverished and corrupt countries where they make shady business deals, never having to leave their hotels. 93 mins

Monday 21 OCTOBER  7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

Herbert (2015)

A former East German boxing champion working as a bouncer and debt collector reflects on life when he is diagnosed with a fatal disease. Director: Thomas Stuber. 109 min; Drama.

Sat 26th Oct



Monday 25 NOVEMBER 7.30pm

NGKS (German)  Movie Night

4 Könige/ 4 Kings (2015)

Four troubled youths spend the Christmas holidays in an adolescent psychiatric unit under the care of a young psychiatrist. Director: Theresa von Eltz. 98 min; Drama.