T: (02) 4929 4969 Dean Winter

Tues 21st Feb 6.30pm $8

Many lives, many stories, one desire

Living harmoniously requires a shift in consciousness. Two modern day monks from New Zealand set off on an international journey to film a diverse range of people making the choice for a better life through meditation.

Ballet dancers and writers, stressed business people, a cancer patient, foster children and maximum-security prisoners; their stories show peace is possible for individuals and communities - and suggests it may be possible for all of humanity.

Stunning cinematography combined with the power of people sharing from a place of profound peace delivers a palpable and moving experience.

"We want to inspire and give hope that there is a different way of being" - Sally Lewis (filmmaker)

Full Synopsis


A MINDFUL CHOICE plants the seed of possibility that we could all live harmoniously with each other and with the planet. A shift in consciousness is required; a shift that starts with each of us choosing for inner peace. Individuals and communities are making that choice and the impact on their world is obvious.


The film demystifies a spiritual life. Anyone can integrate effective meditation techniques into their daily life, and directly experience more peace, contentment and joy. All that is required is a choice.


We are led along the path of the hero - the universal quest for inner freedom - the journey from suffering through to a highly effective and connected life, free from the internal chatter of the mind. Inner peace is not for a select few – it’s actually our natural way of being – we’ve just forgotten how to live that way.

We engage with people from diverse backgrounds as they share their inner passage to freedom. Here’s a snap shot:


The team comprises successful film and documentary makers, including a BAFTA winning editor, and a double Emmy award winning cinematographer.

Greg Hopkinson & Sally Lewis (Filmmakers)

Wed 22nd to Sun 26th Feb 8.30pm
BED by Brendan Cowell

Pencilcase Productions

online tickets available HERE

Bed follows the life and relationships of Phil from his first teenage love to his last love. Set exclusively in different bedrooms over the course of 5 of Phil's most important relationships, this comedic drama discovers Phil and his partners most shocking truths and deepest secrets. A drama that opens the door to conversations usually kept behind closed ones. Written by one of Australia's leading new playwrights Brendan Cowell, Bed is a celebration of love and youth.

Directed by John Wood (S-27) and brought to the Royal Exchange by Pencil Case Productions (The Carnivores)

Fri 24th & Sat 25th Feb 7pm $20 / 15

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 Comedy. Join Swiv on a free dive into his past and our future. He emerges with pearls – for us and his son. On Gough and slippery dips, choc tops and dick pumps. A rousing, ridiculous how-not-to-guide on parenting and politics in our increasingly mad world. Simone Whetton, 702 ABC Radio called it "vulnerable, excoriating and hilarious in one loveable mixture! Mark Swivel lays it all out on the table in this very personal account of life as a long-distance dad". Phillip Adams gave his last show, How Deep Is Your Love? a much coveted a koala stamp. The Beat said it was "gripping and unique". He's been on Studio 10 and Late Night Live. Go figure.
In Dad. Joke. Swiv answers every question a young person can ask from 'should men wee sitting down?' to 'honestly, what are we to do about this capitalism caper in these post-truth times?' This is world-changing, wittering, brilliant banter. Warning: contains only one dad joke per performance (thankfully). Trailer: https://youtu.be/YhBbiDi4NQk.

Mon 27th Feb 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group) 


Italian-German drama/comedy directed by Fatih Akın and starring Moritz

Bleibtreu, Barnaby Metschurat, Gigi Savoia and Antonella Attili (Germany

2002, 124 min)

In the sixties Romano Amato, his wife Rosa and their two sons Giancarlo

and Gigi emigrate from Solino in Italy to Duisburg in the Ruhr area and

establish the first Pizza restaurant in town.... (www.imdb.com).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/qqRvDeiw_sY

Tues 7th March 6.30pm $20

Ann Caddey's first drawing room session of the year

A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials

No booking necessary


Tues 14th March 6.30pm $20

A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials

No booking necessary

Fri 17th March

Tantrum Theatre


Sat 18th March 7.30pm and 9.30pm

(second show due to high demand)


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 Lewis Spears is an unstoppable force.

Three years after stepping on stage for the first time, “Try and Stop Me” is Lewis’ third tour around Australia and his best work to date.

With over 200,000 fans across YouTube and Facebook and an incredibly popular comedy podcast, Lewis is one of the biggest online entertainers in the country and singlehandedly demolishes the stereotype that people who are big on the internet suck live.

A charismatic and divisive performer, Lewis commands the stage like his own personal battleground. Striking down trends, critics, and mainstream culture alike.

Still completely independent, Lewis Spears is bringing his brand of confrontational stand-up comedy to Newcastle.

And if you don’t like it,

Try and stop him.

Sun 19th March

Deta and Rob Rayner from The Beez present:

The Sauerkrauts!

A yodellin´, thigh slappin’, lederhosen wettin´  fest of German music from Deta  (accordion,vocals) and Rob (guitar, vocals) and featuring the Beatific Beats of  our Bavarian Boombox. You´ll thrill to comic classics from the likes of Rammstein and Kraftwerk; you´ll tear off that dirndl and shake a Teutonic Tailfeather when you catch a glimpse of Nena´s 99 Red Balloons; you´ll swoon to Marlene Dietrich´s  Lili Marlene but, most of all, you´ll be entertained-and that´s an order!

Deta and Rob always felt that the German Oeuvre was a little under represented in The Beez, so here they are to make amends with an evening of  Dancefloor -Compatible Deutsche Derring-do, featuring Deta´s fabulous „Brunhilde Bass“ accordion . One octave below the conventional accordion bass, this is an Alp-quaking  tone of Wagnerian proportions. Melded with Rob´s custom Höfner „Blitzkrieg“ guitar, it´s an irresistable rockin´ polka machine held together by the marching rhythms of a loop machine by the name of Wolfgang Amadeus and, of course, those gorgeous harmonies and cabaret sensibilties which  are the icing on the Schwarwälderkirschtorte.

Deta and Rob both hail from Berlin; their band The Beez performs regularly throughout Europe and Australia. They´ve appeared on ABC TV´s Spicks and Specks and at just about every  folk festival you care to think of. The Sauerkrauts will be touring Australia from January to May 2017.


Mon 20th March

online tickets available HERE


Luke Kidgell is bringing his debut solo show You Don't Own Me to Newcastle, supported by Lewis Spears.

Luke proves that rules are made to be broken, except if they have significant consequences. Otherwise it's just not worth it.

Luke gives audiences an insight into the mind of a millennium child, as he tackles all the big issues. And by 'big issues', I mean, small issues and by 'small issues', I mean just stuff you never really think about until you're like "oh yeah thats actually pretty relatable".

After performing regularly around Melbourne and interstate for the past two years, Luke's first hour is not to be missed.

Tues 21st March 6.30pm $20

Ann Caddey's first drawing room session of the year

A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials

No booking necessary

22nd to 26th March
Newcastle Fringe Festival


27th March 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group) 

 Beyond Silence / Jenseits der Stille

Drama directed by Caroline Link starring Sylvie Testud, Tatjana Trieb, and

Howie Seago (Germany, 1996, 109 min)

A clarinetist leaves her deaf parents and small German village for the first

time to study music in Berlin (www.google.de).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/7-0J9qbFjGE

Tues 28th March 6.30pm $20

Ann Caddey's first drawing room session of the year

A weekly drop in drawing room session

Live models, Projections and a convivial artmosphere

Bring your own drawing materials

No booking necessary


 Thursday 30th March


Sat 1st April 7.30pm $10


Come see ten of the best comedians in Newcastle showcase their skills for you for $10 at the Royal Exchange! All funds raised go towards funding the brand new University of Newcastle Comedy Club. Laugh as Emcee Jarrod Moore takes you on a journey of existential dread, dotting his relationship humour throughout the wide variety of sets we have lined up for you this evening. Woolworths, lost Prime ministers, Nicki Minaj, interesting bathroom experiences, drugs, veganism, the LGBT, succulents and Dave Gadnier, which is a genre of comedy in and of itself. Nothing is off the table. Reality is Absurd.

Sat 8th April


Sat 22nd April


 Mon 24th April 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group) 

 Suck me Shakespeer / Fack Ju Göhte

Comedy directed by Bora Dağtekin starring Elyas M'Barek, Karoline Herfurth

and Katja Riemann (Germany, 2013, 119 min)

A comedy that follows an ex-con who lands a position at a school that sits

over the spot where money from one of his earlier robberies is stashed.


Trailer: https://youtu.be/_rJKHTjVaFk


Mon 22nd May 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group) 

 Coffee in Berlin / Oh Boy

Drama directed by Jan Ole Gerster starring Tom Schilling, Katharina

Schüttler, and Justus von Dohnányi (Germany, 2012, 86 min)

An aimless university dropout attempts to make sense of life as he spends

one fateful day wandering the streets of Berlin… (www.imdb.com).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/e9By3IQrzfM

 Sat 27th May 8pm $25


The Piano Diaries is a song cycle about the journey of a piano from England to South Africa and subsequently to Australia. The piano belongs to the songwriter Joanna Weinberg, who inherited it from her grandmother and brought the piano with her when she came to Sydney in 1997. Not having had lessons since she was a teenager in South Africa, she took up lessons in Sydney and found herself flooded with memories released by the process . These memories became The Piano Diaries, an intimate musical diary from a childhood which , from the age of nine, played out during the infamous Apartheid regime. The songs range from a terrible incident witnessed during piano practice to the genesis of the instrument itself in the death of the elephant who lost his tusks for the keys . The stories told within the songs move from the singer’s early childhood lived under the piano of two orchestral musicians in London to the songs written in the early days of immigration when the piano was damaged on the journey to Sydney. Intimate, personal , heart wrenching and funny, the Piano Diaries  offers insight into the impact of political damage on the life of a young person and also into the process of leaving that world behind for a better life.

Joanna Weinberg was an actress in South Africa, well known for being the first ‘white’ actress to play opposite the first ‘black Othello’ in a production directed by Janet Suzman which made world headlines as it broke the law with a kiss across the colour bar. She moved to Australia in 1997 where she began writing musicals , creating and performing 13 shows and writing book , lyrics and music for 3 musicals, including Goddess the 2013 musical film directed by Mark Lamprell. Lifeforce, her musical about IVF , directed by Lisa Freshwater, won the Sydney Fringe in 2013. In 2015 she performed the critically acclaimed Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs , a dark one woman show about addiction, at the Hayes Theatre  where she will be appearing again with her newest show , Pandora’s Bag- the bag undressed.  Accompanying Joanna will be Kate Adams on cello.

Critical Praise for ‘The Piano Diaries’ by Joanna Weinberg.

The Piano Diaries is an incredibly engaging work and part of Weinberg’s nine one woman shows. A artistic mosaic of a lifetime of experience set to music. The true measure of a singer is the ability to morph into that of story teller. The true measure of an artist is to take the listener to a place they have never been but with a story they are somehow familiar with. Weinberg is an artist. Having reviewed stellar talent from Australia the previous year, Weinberg easily takes her place as one of the finest talents in Australia and should gain an even wider audience here in the United States…5 stars. As fresh and innovative as they come, highly entertaining.

-           Brent Black Critical Jazz

Joanna Weinberg “ The Piano Diaries” glows with the emotional character of a bright smile. This songwriter/vocalist/actress paints a kaleidoscope of rich imagery in her songs that transcends genres with perfect pitch and flawless intonation. She possesses the rare ability to interpret and personalize her own lyrics through a full range of emotions, imbuing her songs with the experiential conviction of a Joni Mitchell: effortlessly cohering Maria Muldaur’s whimsical innocence and the limpid vocal clarity of Judy Collins with an averment that attaches convincing, memorable familiarity to the lyric.

         -Jazz Muzic, CJ Bond

Weinberg tells a story in song without it being stagy or cabaret, crafting something else entirely. A set that grabs you by the ear right out of the box. Weinberg is quite a find and is must hearing for anyone looking for something meaty and different without being arty for the sake of being arty. Firmly in that sweet spot that bubbles right under blatantly commercial, the blood s flowing and the performance is certainly winning. Hot stuff well worth checking out.

-           Chris Spector, Midwest Record Volume 35/Number 81

… the originality of her songwriting is so distinctive, compelling and surpassing, much of it imbued with and informed by South African roots, that it puts her other talents in the shade. She's an arresting raconteur as well. But one has the sense that, unlike much that passes for cabaret, in which stories are embellished or even outright lies, her stories are authentic and, if not, who cares(?), since she passes them off with such apparent sincerity. I'm sure they're ridgy-didge, but if it's a con, it's so well-wrought it fazes me not. It's the actor in her. … Joanna Weinberg and The Piano Diaries will only take about an hour of  your time. But it'll give pleasure and meaning that'll last for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years, after

-           Brad Sykes, Australian Theatre Review , March 2011

“A consummate cabaret performer and a fascinating songwriter.” –Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics’ Circle


Late June
Two Tall Theatre strikes again


Thursday 6th July 8pm $15

 Mon 26th June 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group) 

 Bornholmer Strasse

Comedy/drama directed by Christian Schwochow with Charly Hübner, Milan

Peschel, and Ulrich Matthes (Germany 2014, 88 min)

A comic look at the fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989, told from the

point of view of the German border guards at the checkpoint where it all

started… (www.imdb.com).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/4HZRneBeoT4

Mon 24th July 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

 Head full of honey / Honig im Kopf

Drama/comedy directed by Til Schweiger starring Pasquale Aleardi,
Marco Boriero, and Alexa Brunner (Germany 2014, 139 min)
Tilda takes her beloved grandfather on one last adventure before he
is put in an old people's home due to Alzheimer's disease
Trailer: https://youtu.be/epqyV8uPato

Mon 28th August 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

Beloved Sisters / Die geliebten Schwestern

Romantic Drama directed by Dominik Graf starring Hannah Herzsprung,
Florian Stetter, Henriette Confurius (Germany 2014, 138 min)
Aristocratic sisters Charlotte and Caroline both fall in love with the
controversial young writer and hothead Friedrich Schiller. Defying the
conventions of their time, the sisters decide to share their love with
Schiller. What begins playfully, almost as a game among the three of
them, soon turns serious as it leads to the end of a pact
Trailer: https://youtu.be/ak3bE4-sxMY

Mon 25th September 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

If not us, who? / Wer wenn nicht wir

Biographical drama directed by Andres Veiel, starring Augusts Diehl,
Lena Lauzemis, Alexander Fehling (Germany, 2011, 124 mins)
Bernward Vesper and fellow university student Gudrun Ensslin begin
a passionate love in provincial West Germany. By the late 60s,
Gudrun joins rebellious Andreas Baader's pro-violence cause and
Bernward risks his sanity by using psychedelic drugs in his struggles
to finally write the novel committed to changing the world... Based on
the emotional true story of an explosive era (www.imdb.com).
Trailer: https://youtu.be/Vq7OF26HPCU

Thurs 28th Sept to Sun 1st Oct


Mon 23rd October 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

 About a girl

Comedy/drama directed by Mark Mohnheim starring Jasna Fritzi
Bauer, Heike Makatsch, Aurel Manhthei (Germany, 2014, 104 mins)
Charleen, 15, quick-witted and sassy, is Kurt Cobain's biggest fan and
wonders why 'growing up' has to be so complicated. One day, feeling
especially melodramatic and rebellious, she decides to pull the plug
on her life. Luckily, she fails - and discovers what fun life and love can
really be! (www.imdb.com).
Trailer: https://youtu.be/GeyY5JWlupY

Thurs 9th to Sun 12th & Wed 15th to Sat 18th Nov

Stooged Theatre

Mon 27th November 7.30pm

(German Language Film Group)

Hanussen: Hitler’s Astrologer

Historical drama directed by István Szabó starring Klaus Maria
Brandauer, and Erland Josephson (Germany 1988, 140 min)
After the World War I, Schneider, a man with strong powers of
empathy and of clairvoyance, changes his name to Eric Jan
Hanussen and goes to Berlin, as a hypnotist and clairvoyant
performing in halls and theatres. He always speaks the truth, which
brings him to the attention of powerful Nazis. He predicts their rise
(good propaganda for them) and their violence (not so good). He's in
pain and at risk. What is Hanussen's future? (www.imdb.com).